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When the bass drops..

September 16th, 2012 | Posted by Rachel in Uncategorized

First off, I have to apologize for not blogging in so long! I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting, but with school starting it really takes a toll on finding music and then finding time to blog it. But finally, I have the tunes and the time to tell you all about ‘em!

Right off the bat I have some relatively fresh new music, from one of you mighty fine viewers! Now here’s the part where you open a new tab so you can look up what all these hip terms mean…

I’ve got some really grimey chillstep for you guys, with smooth, sweet bass. It’s a mash-up of several songs that all have the same serene feeling to them, and although it’s a pretty long video, it’s definitely worth the time to check out a few tracks. So if you’re in search of some sweet new, filthy tunes that aren’t so fobstep then check this little guy out..

Next off, I have some sort of similar, bass filled, upbeat songs.

Starting with ‘Miracle (Viceroy Remix) – Ghost Beach’  A song with a strong beat, bongos and raspy, electronic vocals. This song promotes happiness, dancing and an over-all good mood.

Next up is ‘Safe and Sound – Capital Cities’ This song has a perfect dance beat, even just listening to this song while typing, I can’t help but dance in my seat and sing along. It has trumpets that accentuate the bass line and melody. This song really is made for parties.

And finally on our bass drop playlist we have, my current favorite, ‘Hollywood – RAC and Penquin Prison’ Just listening to this song makes me want to be in a clubbing montage in a movie.. the beat is infectious and it sticks in your head all day. The words aren’t overly difficult but they still have that certain quality to them that just rocks my world. And as you may know by now, I kinda have a thing for RAC.. I have alot of their remixes and songs and I just can’t get enough.


So if you guys find anything you want me to check out or blog, then leave a comment! And next time I have some kinda acoustic, romantic type songs coming your way.  Thanks for all your support!

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